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Updated: Apr 19

I had a few questions yesterday asking which version of the Bible I used so I thought I would post here for anyone wishing to find the answer.

My main Bible which I have had many years (above) is the NRSV which includes the Deuterocanonical books. This version was recommended to me by my parish priest many years ago, and as you can see it has been studied many times over (and there is room for more) This bible has become my living breathing journal with God I guess with notes and post it’s. It sometimes serves as a comfort when I open a page to find a note at once where I had needed help and it had been answered or I had found what I needed from a passage.

A more recent investment I have made which I love is the Word on Fire Bible, The Gospels. This easy to read print of the Gospels not only includes the Biblical text, but commentary from the wonderful @bishopbarron , passages from great theologians. Art is included in this book too and I feel it

provides and opens the opportunity for much thought, reflection and understanding of how the gospels themselves and how they have inspired the faithful as the years have passed.

@wordonfire_catholicministries is honestly one of the best resources out there if you want to learn more about Catholicism or deepen your faith. I am a member of the online community, you can access courses as well downloadable study guides for a monthly fee.

For the children I have the Good News Bible. I am looking forward to getting a youth edition for children as they get older.

What version of the Bible do you use?

Do you have study guides or prayer journals?

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