Waldorf Magic Bees

Hello June 🐝

Surprise surprise it’s grey cloudy and more like a cold March day here in North West England, but at least it’s sunny inside with a bright yellow seasonal table with a hand dyed play-silk and alder cone bees, all crafts from my Waldorf Magic guide to Bees 🐝 (in my store click on the link in my bio)

I honestly love bees so I cannot wait to really get stuck into this months theme with the little one.

I’ve had a few questions about Waldorf Magic this month, it’s not a curriculum, and it’s not just for children (there are plenty of crafts adults could enjoy too, such as things like this to decorate the home) it does have song and movement cards and a short story as well as recipes for a themed tea party. The idea is that is generally reflects what young children (Kindy age 0-7) may see around them in nature this time of year and reflects that. Providing a gentle rhythm and play and craft based exploration of the topic.

There are a whole host of guides online, so if you are new please check them out!

Wishing you all a buzzing day! (Here in Manchester that is actually a way to say amazing - no wonder our cities emblem is the worker bee 😂😂🐝)

Much love all

K x

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