Sweet Little Spring Snails for the Seasonal Table

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

So we have been studying snails as part of our Spring nature study and found the most beautiful shells (without an owner I may add) in the garden. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for some craft, a very simple one which my 18 month old little one absolutely loved!

I bought some Stockmar modelling beeswax and the children worked on warming it in their hands. There is something so warm, nourishing and sensory about the stockmar modelling wax, as it warms the scent is wonderful! We then simply modelled it into snail bodies for the shells we had. The lovely thing to see was the different personalities that each snail taken on, the children willing their own thoughts and feelings into their own little creatures. We placed them pride of place on the seasonal table but they often come down and become part of the little ones play.

Its a funny thing, our garden is usually filled with snails by now and I am usually battling them off my newly sprouted greens, but I have hardly seen any about!

Have a look in your garden and see what colour snail shells you can find, and if they haven’t got an occupant make a wonderful snail for your seasonal table!

K x