A few simple steps to making a meaningful seasonal table.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What makes a good seasonal table? Well it doesn't have to be a table, it can be a shelf, a windowsill, a small cut out box in the corner of your room. Size does not matter, and i know a lot of people will maybe look at this photo and think they need something like this - you don't, its the thought and idea and experience of having this changeable seasonal table of treasures - of memories your child has collected that will live with your child that counts. I would say a few elements can really bring your seasonal table to life:

Colour, it really sets the tone, the warm yellow in the summer seasonal table really speaks of the warmth of the sun and the earth.

Nature, fresh flowers from the garden, natural objects you have found on family walks

Something which speaks to the child, for example, my daughter at the moment is noticing bears in anywhere and everywhere, a bear gathering the sweet summer honey here speaks to her current love of bears and relates it to the world she has experienced around her, the pine cones we gathered from a woodland walk, the sunflowers from the garden. Of course I often get asked if i let my children touch the seasonal table. The answer is YES, ALWAYS it is an expression of joy in the seasons, it is changeable, just like the seasons, and it is a reflection of the world for them, no doubt as my younger child gets older it will become full of curiosities and treasures! That is the exciting part!

I have had questions asking about some of the elements I used here, The two stands holding the stick are actually Banana Trees from my local home store, the wooden bee hive hanging from the stick is actually a wooden bathroom light pull I found in my local DIY store. So have a look around in the most unexpected places and you will be surprised what you can find which doesn't cost the earth.

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