Summer Reading Stack

Summer reading stack 📚

So today I have gathered together some favourite books to read over the summer. I have read so many books on Waldorf Education (which generally focuses on the grades upward, so rising seven) I felt I needed a brain reset back into early childhood.

My summer books stack fits into four categories - swipe to see images

🌈Painting and colour - I’m really interested in learning about colour and painting in Waldorf Education at the moment and these two books I feel sit side by side. Slow going with the German but I am getting there!

🕯Parent child group related books - I want to start a new group/ co-op close to where I live for parents who are Home Ed or have children in the early years so these books I am re-reading to start to formulate a plan and get that in motion over summer

🤱🏼Early childhood and parenting. That’s where I am at and that’s where I need to recalibrate my brain too. I have a couple of years yet to read and begin planning work in the grades so I am going to focus and live in the books on play, on home and empowering children in early childhood are the focus

⛪️ Faith and Spirituality, books which are helping deepen my faith outwardly and inwardly deepening my own connection with my role as a wife and mother in a Christ centred life.

I’ll post some flick throughs in my stories later today for those of you who might want a better look at these books.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday!