Summer Beeswax Luminary

Summer Beeswax Luminary 🐚

So as you may have guessed I have recently bought some sea themed silicone moulds and we are having so much fun with them. A luminary we made at Christmas (hence the gold glitter inside) has had a bit of a rough 7 months and I thought could do with some TLC. I was so inspired by a post I saw by the lovely Franzi @my_seasonal_treasury last week and her seaside luminary I thought these moulds came in handy for a little upcycle.

To make a luminary..

Melt beeswax in a Bain Marie. Fill a balloon with cold water so it’s about the size of a small bowl and dip in hot beeswax (to make a bowl shape) and then water, keep dipping until the required thickness is achieved (around 30-40 times) if you want glitter on the inside like mine simply coat your balloon in glitter first and then dip. Leave to set them pop the balloon. To make it stand rub it over a warmed pan to flatten the base a little.

If you are making wax objects to stick on your luminary then you will need to take them from the mould whilst they are still soft to allow them to bond to the wax, a couple I had wouldn’t stay (the large pieces) so I used a little Stockmar decorating wax and it worked a treat! Why not fill your moulds with petals like I did to make the little decorations so interesting.

I hope nobody is too fed up of my seaside spam yet! 😂😂 I think I’m done till august when we delve into my upcoming Waldorf Magic guide.

The thing I love about this is it reminds me so much of the jars I used to make at my nannas, every summer we would spend at the beach collecting shells and sticking them on glass jars! This will be carefully treasured now and brought out every summer!