Starting Handwork

Updated: Apr 19

Simple sewing handworkYes it’s February and she has a Father Christmas Dress from her Nanna and why not! With all the snow lately you could forgive her 😅.

So I’m still waiting for all the bits and bobs for her little handwork box I’m putting together but today she was wanting to sew so I got out some things to enable her to explore sewing and handwork away from the lacing and threading boards and resources she has been playing with.

A small embroidery frame , a darning needle and an open weave fabric such as linen with some crewel wool provide a really great starting point for sewing with little ones. The darning needle is blunt enough not to cause injury whilst they are learning the fine complexities of holding fabric, the needle and keeping the wool from slipping, but it’s sharp enough to go through an open weave fabric and for there to be a little resistance there too!

She really enjoyed sitting with this having a go, I decided to put the fabric in an embroidery frame for now as it has the familiarity of holding the board she has been using, and allows her to focus on what she’s doing with the needle, once she’s got used to that I’ll leave some scraps of fabric for her to play and experiment with, who knows that will happen, will she sew them individually, will she thread them on one piece of yarn who knows!

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