Some thoughts on ‘mess’ and creativity.

Updated: Apr 19

Where once was tidy, there is mess, there are boxes, crayons, toys, books lay about for days on end... mess ... a beautiful mess - mess is an adult word for a world that’s focused on end results, on perfection, on getting it right we are encouraged to get rid of the mess, we see processes of ideas which have moved away from what we envisioned they would be as failures instead of learning and evolving ...this mess ....worlds left waiting to come to life again through a child’s imagination, crayons waiting to bring forth a vision, tea sets waiting for conversation and laughter, waiting for magic to happen I embrace wholeheartedly in a home that once was - un-messy a lot of the time.

Each month as I design my Waldorf magic pack I make my own mess, a mess of creativity, a mess which makes room for my mind to create ...the house can be a mess, the kitchen a mess..but it’s all part of the process - and I joyfully gather together the fruits of my process - my mess when I am done . I’ve learnt to let it go a little and just be.

These days seem so long lately with lockdown....yet they also feel so full. I feel like in the haze of isolation of not seeing family, of being in the same place, I’ve watched the world slowly turn. It’s been a hard year no doubt but a year that has most definitely give time to reflect, reflections that have burrowed deep. That will live with me forever.

Life is all a process, you could say one big mess in one way or another...but all the same it’s a beautiful mess isn’t it - and we only get one chance. So let’s be kind to ourselves, to others, to our world.

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