Simple Halloween Bunting

Quick paper pumpkins 🎃 and witches hats bunting (swipe to see)🧙‍♀️

Halloween is just around the corner and my 10yo has been asking if when we can put some decorations up, so this afternoon after school, we made some simple paper pumpkin and paper hat bunting. Here’s how to make them so have a go yourself.

You will need:

🎃Orange kite paper (or origami paper, or your own orange wet on wet painting)

🎃A thin stick

🎃Black sugar paper or card

🎃 A pencil, scissors and a glue stick.

To make the pumpkins 🎃

• On a piece of paper draw a pumpkin shape, it needs to be symmetrical so fold the paper and draw half on the fold then cut out.

• Trace and cut at least 8 of these from your orange paper (the more the better) and then fold each in half.

• Place one half folded in-front of you, glue the top half and then fix half of the next piece to it, glue the top half of the next piece and then fix another to it and so on. Continue until all your pieces have been stuck together.

• Snap a stick the length of the pumpkin + a little extra for a stalk , glue well.

• Take your glued paper and glue the exposed top and bottom sides which are left, place the stick as the folded inner spine and bring the two ends together (it should fan into a circle) hold whilst the glue sets a little on the stick and then leave to dry completely. Glue/tie string around the stick stalk and hang.

To make the hats 🧙‍♀️

• Draw around a side plate on black paper/card, cut the circle in half, take a semi circle and fold into a cone, securing with glue, leave to dry. Place the hat top when dry on black card and trace again leaving a rim, cut out, glue and leave to dry.

Hang when done.