Shimmering Summer Spirals

Shimmering Summer Spirals. ☀️ 🌀

Sharing last years wonderful simple activity with the little one in the hope the sun shines bright tomorrow and we can lay on a woollen blanket under a tree in the cool of the shade watching the magic.

All you need for this craft is some gold card, some scissors and some string.

Simply trace around a dinner plate, from the outside of the circle cut to the centre in a spiral with a width of 1.5/2cm between rows. When you get to the end pierce the top with a push pin, thread through some string and hang! These work great on calm days and windy days. If it’s windy make sure to space then enough that the wind does not blow and entangle them all!

For me amongst everything else this has to be the simplest most enjoyable part of the day!