Seashell Treasures Bag

Updated: Apr 29

Handwork. It was one of the first things that really led to my love journey with Waldorf education.

Carving out time in my day to do handwork, to make things for our home, for myself and for the children has not brought me so much joy, and it’s instilled a sense of industrious activity in the little one, who wants to naturally sit along side me and join in.

Today I made the Seashell Treasure Bag from my Summer 2 Worlds under Water Guide which I will be putting away for the little ones third birthday next month. A lovely bag which she can store treasures she collected on our recent holiday to the seaside.

These precious projects I hope as the little one grows help nurture a love of the handmade, a respect for the hands that make them and an immense appreciation to their value.

When we make things by hand, gifts, clothes etc instead of buying them mass manufactured and mass produced we are making a statement toward the sustainable and a positive step toward a better future for our precious world. We are putting a little of our soul into something treasured by someone else, there is so much love in that ❤️

If you have never made anything by hand you should start! Even the most novice of sewers can make something which is treasured and loved to a child, something which brings life and personality to the home! Even the most accomplished embroiderer once made their first stitch!

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