Rose Facial Toner

Since I turned mid-thirties my skin has been a big concern as I can visibly notice changes and signs of ageing. So today after I had enjoyed a pot of tea using one of my teabags my son bought me from @twgteaofficial on his school trip in London I decided I didn’t want to waste a drop and used the cold tea to make a simple facial toner. It’s so easy and refreshing for any skin.

You will need

🌹 100ml Rose Tea

🌹1TBSP rose petals (optional)

🌹1tsp Aloe Vera Juice

🌹1tsp Glycerine

Steep the rose petals in the tea (if using) mix in the aloe Vera juice and glycerine, decant into a bottle then store in the fridge! It’s that easy I made some extra for my holidays in a couple of weeks time.

How does your self care look?