Preparing our rabbits brushed fur for spinning

Today I finally gotten around to doing something I’ve been trying to find time for for a while, preparing and storing the fur we have brushed from our pet rescue rabbit Daffodil.

Daffodil is a long haired rabbit and since we adopted her I realised she could contribute so much (thank you Daffodil) to our home sown fibre project. Some of you may know, many of you won’t, that I am passionate about regenerative, sustainable and locally made textiles. Along with the flax I have sown in my front garden I am hoping to create a blueprint for learning and growth in textiles into local area. As well as a great opportunity for local school children it offers the opportunity to really see how we can create lasting change and have a positive impact on tbe environment. How we grow fibre and indeed consume fashion is something which is desperately in need of change from the ground upward, and just as important a part of looking after this planet as growing your own vegetables or indeed reducing our meat consumption.

So today I used a couple of dog brushes to care the fur and roll it into manageable pieces for spinning, the short and super soft nature of the fibres will mean that they will need to be spun with something else, maybe locally sourced wool fleece - the local sheep have wool which is generally considered too coarse for clothing but mixed with this it could make a great combination.

So in a jar it goes, to be stockpiled ready for when i can use it. I am excited to share the process with you all!

If you are interested in homegrown textiles or indeed exploring textiles, sustainability and what’s going on particularly in the North west of England you can visit @northwestenglandfibreshed @thewilddyery also shares some wonderful work in local projects

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