Pom pom bird craft

This mornings weather has been horrendous. Rain, high winds and hail you name it it’s said hello, but no need to worry, we stayed inside warm and cosy and crafted some lovely spring birds using the template from my March Waldorf Magic Pack, the birds have been busy flitting about from tree to tree and we have Robins making a nest in our ivy, so they have naturally been the topic of much conversation over the past couple of weeks.

The little one enjoyed painting the birds (she painted two templates to make one bird), she wasn’t really up for wrapping the wool to make some Pom Pom bodies so I got on with that whilst she watched me for a while and then played. TIP If your little one wants to help and you want them to feel the sense of achievement in finishing knot 5 or six lengths of wool together and pull them round and round in one (great time saver and gets them wrapped 5 or six times as fast)

I think they look rather lovely on our little mobile above the seasonal table. There are wings to the template which I left off as I decided I quite liked them how they were, but I may add them later 🤔I decorated the mobile with a little ivy from the garden and some daffodils.

The sun is starting to make an appearance now so I think we will be off for a walk after lunch! Swipe to see the birds, you could have a go at making them yourself!