Pentecost Window Doves

Good morning and happy Sunday! I hope you are all well!

You know yesterday was not a very productive one, I rested most of the day feeling not too great. But by the evening felt well enough to continue folding my kite paper birds from the May Waldorf Magic Guide.

I couldn’t imagine a more symbolic bird than to make a than a Dove. For all the horrors of the world going on at the moment for all those living in fear and persecution worldwide, but especially for those in Israel and Gaza at this time. For all those who have suffered and died this past year and are still dying because they are born in poverty. Every one of us that holds up a torch for injustice and carries peace within us, everyone of us who stands tall as a shining example to others will make a difference in this world.

This can be a hard thing to communicate to young children, so I felt a window that reflects coming together and moving as one as a flock of birds holds such symbolism. For together we can achieve great things.

Counting my blessings today and every day as I wish you all a peaceful Sunday. Dove craft it available as part of my FREE pentecost guide in the store