Our Summer Candle and the benefits of Modelling with Beeswax.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

There is something so nourishing about using coloured beeswax to decorate candles, we have a candle on our dinner table and seasonal table and its a wonderful way of keeping in touch with The changing seasons to decorate one every month.

The children had a true team effort today in creating a lovely candle for summer solstice, using Stockmar Decorating wax! Whilst decorating the candle we also got the modelling wax out to make some beautiful little insects for our seasonal table.

The benefits of decorating and modelling wax in art and craft.

Stockmar Decorating and Modelling wax, are both coloured sheets of beeswax, which become malleable under warmth. Decorating wax comes in thinner sheets to modelling wax which allows it to be spread almost like butter over candles and other objects.

If you have read through any posts on here, you probably hear me say how children absorb the world around them indiscriminately. The sensory experience of modelling and working with beeswax is sensory, to touch as it warms in the hands, as its properties change, to smell again it smells divine and as it warms the smell encompasses the child. The array of colours allow the child will into being any creatures and creations their imagination brings forth.

Modelling with beeswax helps physical and cognitive development, unlike soft doughs, the work requires perseverance, the wax must be worked to make it malleable it requires the whole will and concentration of the child, in the process of this it allows the child to slowly come into their bodies, it has a soft calming effect. The motor development strengthens finger muscles and dexterity for writing later on in childhood and other tasks such as finger knitting, sewing and mending.

I cant recommend beeswax enough!