Our First Santa Lucia Celebration

Updated: Apr 19

Santa Lucia, thy light is glowing

Through darkest winter night, Comfort bestowing.

Dreams float on dreams tonight

Comes then the morning light,

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia 🕯

Saint Lucia is one of the oldest Christian martyrs and has been a well loved saint over the ages and is the Patron saint of Syracuse and of Sight

Not much is known of her life however legends have come about over the years most of which agree on that she was martyred for her Christian faith and put to death after her prospective suitor who didn’t like her Christian ways reported her to authorities. Much legend and talk of miracles surround her life. Her name meaning light - at this time of year is deeply connected with the winter solstice the shortest day of the year - which in the old Gregorian Calendar was celebrated today December 13.

St Lucia in acts of charity and love for her fellow human beings is a true example of the selfless act of love, of bringing light to others not just now as we are in the darkest part of the year but in the darkest parts of our lives as legends say she fed the hungry wearing a wreath of light on her head leaving hands free for carrying food.

Traditionally we have never celebrated Saint Lucy’s day at home here in the U.K. and I only grew to know of the different cultural celebrations here in this wonderful community, but today we baked Lussekatter, we listened to stories about this remarkably brave girl and we had our very own little procession of light after dinner.