Medieval Bow and Arrow Outdoor Craft.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

June 1st is the start of the 30 days wild challenge with@thewildlifetruststo connect back with nature.

Considering we are in lockdown and still very much isolated, I thought it would be a great daily catalyst for learning and discussion. We have the app which randomly chooses a challenge for the day and today’s was celebrating the humble stick.

Now I had bows and arrows planned as part of our Medieval Block next week so I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce it. We had so much fun and learning trying to get it to work.

We simply used a long stick for the bow and a shorter one for the arrow with some wool to finish off the bow.

The children quickly discovered that they needed a sturdy stick to help create tension when pulled so it could fire the ‘arrow’ we made a successful first prototype and are looking forward to exploring how we can make these even better Over the next week or so, I sense some whittling coming along! I’ll keep you all updated as to how we get along!

K x