Leafy gnomes

Updated: Apr 19

Leafy gnomes 🍁

It definitely feels like we are ready to delve into the depths of winter, and all which comes with the Christmas season. So for the next couple of weeks we are cherishing every moment of autumn before it drifts away on the cold winter wind 🌬 ❄️

Yesterday after brushing the garden we collected some leaves and today made some gnomes from them, a simple activity which my 3yo loved.

To make these gnomes you will need :

• Air drying clay, playdough or modelling wax

• Leaves

• A matchstick

• a large wooden bead and a small wooden bead

• Wool roving


• Insert your matchstick into a lump of wax so it stands.

• Add the leaves one by one to make bodies

• Add the large bead to the top of the matchstick.

• Place a small amount of roving over the bead for a beard.

• shape some clay around your finger to form a hat shape and place on top of the head punching down gently.

• Add a small bead for a nose.