Home sown project

Today has been a really weird day so far, I’ve seemed incredibly busy but at the same time don’t seem to have gotten much done.

I think the feeling of busyness comes from within. The ideas I have whizzing around my head from one minute to the next…..natural dyeing, spinning, weaving, growing my own and exploring local sustainable textiles. Planning a garden of wonder and delight to share with local children as a home based kindergarten.

Thoughts aside, today these wonderful seeds landed on my doorstep from Wild Colours @teresinharoberts . Flax for sowing in the garden next week and seeds to sow within my dye garden. All so incredibly exciting and the start of a journey I have been waiting to embark on for a long while.

Ive often thought myself aligned with the phrase …“A Jack of all trades and a master if none”

And it used to be incredibly frustrating to me. But then I came across the rest of the saying…”is often better than a master of one”

And so I am learning to embrace and go with my multiple interests, loves and talents and just enjoy who I am and the gifts I have to bring to this world.

I’m excited to share this journey with you all, and I think it’s going to be a wonderful journey for the children too, to begin to see such traditional crafts and skills come alive within their own home!

I hope you will follow along the journey with me #homesownproject

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