Hole punched leaf art box

Hole punched autumn leaf art 🍁

For a while I have been wanting to decorate this little wooden box which houses our felt weather pieces for the seasonal table. I’ve been stuck what to do, but after collecting some leaves today on a little walk myself and the little one set to work.

Inspired by the most beautiful colours we found we punched lots of leafy hearts from and then I stuck them to the box with modge podge, finishing with a top coat.

Hole punching was a lovely quiet activity for the little one she enjoyed it so much, and we talked about the colours and the hearts, we talked about feelings and about the changing of the seasons.

I need to add another couple of coats when dry, but I wanted to share now as they look so beautiful so you can take advantage of the leaves whilst you can! In the past when I have used modge podge over leaves they have dulled a little but kept their colour, so we shall see how this fares, but either way it will be as lovely to watch the transformation of this box as it is the seasons, and I love these collaborative crafts with the little one where we help each other and she sees me take care in making something with her.