Hello garden and growth!

The garden this past week has burst into life! What a blessing it is to have this space to try and live our life’s sustainably and with care. I am excited as it’s approaching the safe time to plant out a lot of plants which I have been protecting from frost! And slowly the vegetable beds and borders are going to fill up even more.

Although I have designated raised beds, there are areas of reverence garden which I would really like a cottage approach to really allow flowers and edible plants, fruits and vegetables to work together to support and protect each other. I’m not an expert at this so I’ve a lot to learn! But I am enjoying the process immensely.

There is a new section to my blog, where I cannot wait to share growing, as well as simple nourishing recipes and I cannot wait to share more on this over the coming months.

This morning myself and the little one went to the garden centre to get more compost, we are hoping this summer to make a composting area when we have cleared a section of the back garden. This year with the extra growing space it feels like the first year we have really ramped up the effort to be more self sufficient and I so look forward to sharing this adventure with you all and tips on how you can engage children young and old in all aspects of home life.

Wishing you all a marvellous week!

Peace and love

K xxx

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