Hand Carved Skipping Rope

Simple home made skipping rope.

So today I have finished one of five homemade gifts for the little ones third birthday in September. It’s been a while in the making as whilst whittling this and another branch for the another gift I ended up with blisters on my hands 😅 so I decided to give the woodwork a rest for a little bit 😂

I’ve seen a fair few of versions appear over Instagram the past week or so, so I didn’t know if to bother sharing but thought what the hey! The more the merrier let’s start a skipping rope revolution

The branch I used I found in the park a while ago and I have left it in the house to dry out, I have used a knife to strip the bark and sandpaper to smooth any rough edges, the wood has been oiled and I think looks so beautiful.

They are simple to make. All you need is some string, a drill a saw and some sandpaper. Swipe to see accompanying images and videos.

Starr with the rope, finger knit a length of rope, if your little one can do this let them take charge and choose their own colours. Tie a slip knot in one end, then use your index finger and thumb to pull the yarn through the loop whilst holding the knot and tail end, repeat until the length is around elbow to elbow resting on the floor.

Saw your handles from a branch, Sand back your branch to get rid of rough edges, you can leave the bark or remove it! Either look amazing. As the handles I chose were not straight (I was going for ergonomic 😂) I drilled a channel around an inch kind through the centre of the handle at the base, and then through the side into the top of the channel to create an L shale tunnel through which to thread the rope.

I threaded the rope and then tied a knot securely at both ends to stop it coming out, you could secure even further with some superglue if you wish into the hole.

Once done sand back any rough edges and then add a couple of coats of linseed oil or beeswax and allow to dry completely!

All done! It will now be put away for the little ones birthday .