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Whitsun - Pentecost Guide🕊

This week I had an email, “Read the Sunday Times Rich List” why not depress myself I thought. So I scrolled through the list of entrepreneurs and businesses who had made it rich in the pandemic. At the bottom of the page was a small link to ‘Also in the Sunday times list of top Philanthropists’ and it got me thinking. This world is the wrong way round, we value the wrong things and celebrate the growth of the ‘self’. So when I came to upload my Pentecost/Whitsunday guide today I decided I want to try something new.

How great would it be if ALL my guides could be free for everybody! No matter their financial circumstances, where they live. It’s surely what I was made for to make these packs for all. Of course I have to make a living, so after seeing a ‘pay it forward idea’ I thought going forward I would be nice to trial it and see if it can work.