Flower Petal Tea Light Lanterns

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Ever wonder what we get up to with all the lovely flowers on our May Day table.

Well aside from using some petals in play outside with a tub of water, we also make these sweet little floral tea light lanterns. They were such a joy to make this year, and with Mothers Day around the corner in the USA I thought we could share them here!

What you need

Old Preserving Jars

Flower Petals

Elmers Glue

A Brush


So simple to make they are great for children of all ages, firstly we sat and pulled petals from some flowers, this was a fun activity in itself for the little one!

I put the glue in a little bowl, and myself next to my little one and simply set to work brushing the glue on the jar and adding petals. They will all need to be glued to the outside of the jar.

She happily imitated, exploring the sticky glue and brush as she went. It can get a little messy, so you may want to put an old t-shirt or apron on any younger children.

You could press flowers to put on these which would look lovely too and you could enhance this activity with tissue paper, eco-glitter, sequins or whatever you like - maybe a lovely ribbon around the top of the jar would be beautiful too!

The flowers were enough for us to engage the little one happily and I think their simplicity makes them so beautiful.

Its been a week now and the petals haven’t browned and kept their colours!

A really simple and lovely craft year around! And a great addition to the seasonal table.

K x