Firework Light Craft

Updated: Apr 19

Quick and easy firework transparency.

This evening the little one and I have been sat at the window watching all the fireworks. She wanted to make fireworks herself so I saw the opportunity to do something quick and easy which would add some more bonfire magic to our home.

Tracing a shape from black card to fit in our @atelierdenoest lamp We simply pierced holes with a pin and pencil. It was a team effort but the little one used a pin so well, and we switched to a push pin for better control. We pierced the paper resting on our paper making deckle but you could use some sticky tack underneath or even a piece of needle felting foam. Once done if you wish add splashes of colour with kite paper

Have a go yourself for any celebration!

#thewaywewaldorf #fireworkcraft #bonfirenight

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