Fairy cottages

Updated: Apr 19

Fairy cottages 🧚‍♀️

I always talk about the humble cardboard box as one of the best open ended play items around.

Today I received a delivery of coconut shells for a cool felting project I’m wanting to work on. They came in the most ridiculous huge box long and thin, not suitable for the usual car or sled the little one likes to make.

Seeing the box I immediately thought of a row of cottages, and so drew some simple doors and windows in different shapes and sizes.

It’s become a bit of a project this afternoon and myself and the little one really collaborated bringing the little fairy street to life with colour, we used crayon and oil pastels.

I was going to cut out the windows and add some mini curtains, but you know what it does not need it, the little one has loved going through her toys finding people who are suitable for the different door sizes.

An afternoon well spent. Have you done anything lately with a box?

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