Epsom Salt Crystals

Updated: Apr 19

Epsom salt crystal crafts ❄️

We have been having fun this first week of advent exploring crystals with some activities from our December Slowing Down Waldorf Magic Guide.

We have made an Epsom Salt Luminary and snowflake for a little display in our dining room swipe to see a little picture.

They are simple enough to make and the snowflake looks so pretty and sparkly it’s hard to capture it’s iridescent beauty in camera.

Have a go yourself at making an Epsom salt snowflake, simply bend some pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape, dissolve half a cup of Epsom Salts in Half a cup of Hot water, tip on a plate and place the snowflake on top, place in the fridge to cool and let crystals develop. Ours took around 4 days to really crystallise properly!

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