Elderflower Foraging

Well after a very slow start to the growing season (everything has been late with the cold spring) I FINALLY found some Elderflower on our walk. Which means lots of Elderflower goodness coming our way….

As I haven’t got enough to make gallons of the stuff I am thinking of making a special batch for a long awaited reunion with my sister in law @halehkoala in a few weeks time…to go in some fizz! Not very Waldorfy I know 😂 but I’ll save some for the children to have as a soft drink of course 😅

Elder flower cordial freezes wonderfully a great way to use it is to freeze it in an ice cube tray, great to add to alcoholic drinks and keep them cold too - or add to tonic water a little before serving and let them melt.

Other elderflower ideas coming soon.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like elder-flowery things?

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