Eastertide seasonal table

This morning as I feel a little energetic I thought I would spend a few moments working on our little Easter Tide displays. Nothing fancy, using things we have already, and it has brought joy to me and to our home. Covid certainly put a stop to many of the plans I had for Holy Week and our family Easter get together to a halt. But it has not stopped the joy, gratitude and love I feel for my life, for this community, for this world and for Christ in whom I grow everyday.

A little update on our resurrection garden which has overgrown and covered the cross! A beautiful symbol of overcoming it and hopefully this week I will sit down with the little one and we will make some butterflies for above it! We are still watering the grass and the wildflower seeds look set to bloom soon!

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed and joyous Easter.

Of course Easter tide is 50 days, not just one Sunday and so this next 50 days I plan on setting intentions and a foundation for prayer and family ready for ordinary time (also known as Growing time) which begins at the end of Easter and lasts until Advent. Intentions set now, in growing time can blossom into deep and meaningful ways to deepen our connection to the Lord, our family, our community so we can shine a light of goodness, of hope and love to all.

Have a lovely week everybody