Choosing natural bedding

Updated: Apr 19

A growing girl in her own bed.

One thing I have been so conscious of since her birth is that the little one is wrapped up in fibres which are safe and natural. She suffers from Eczema and so when choosing her bedding I wanted to be sure the fibres I were choosing were best for her.

A recent sleep study conducted by Leeds university found that you were 67% more likely to have better quality sleep with wool bedding than any other.

As we know with base layers and clothing wool thermoregulates. It insulates when you need warmth, and it wicks moisture away from the skin when you are hot.

Add to the fact it is also hypo allergenic and I was sold. I chose a few options for the little ones bedding from @lanacareworld

A 100% merino wool mattress topper - the layer the little one sleeps on is so important - we don’t get air flow between our bodies and the mattress so this will help keep her skin at the right temperature and reduce skin irritation.

Kapok duvet and pillow - Kapok is a hollow fibre, it’s a fibre which is harvested from seeds of the Kapok tree in the rainforest and is actually the most sustainable fibre in the market today, it leaves no human footprint behind and due to how Kapok trees grow no human intervention is needed to protect the fruit of the tree to harvest - no pesticides, no changing the natural habitat. It thermoregulates just like wool is hypo allergenic and anti-microbial which makes it perfect for us.

Finally for that extra layer of warmth a 100% merino wool blanket, perfect for the colder winter nights right now and so soft next to the skin.

The little one is the first one in the house to have a complete range of natural bedding - and reading the research and feeling the quality of it I will be making the switch for all of us this year. It may be slightly more expensive than your average market duvet, but you certainly get the quality and peace of mind for its properties and low environmental impact.

A big hug from Mother Nature 🌏🌱fibres worked so beautifully into bedding and clothing by @lanacareworld

The sleeping area is almost ready, just a couple of little personal touches to complete, can’t wait to share.