Ascension of the Lord Moving Picture

✨🤍Ascension of The Lord FREE Printable Moving Picture 🤍✨

So there is no better way for children to visualise some things than through moving pictures. I felt today was one of those days, we went to mass, and I have other crafts planned, but at two years old even reading a children’s version of this mystery today would still really be hard to visualise.

So this afternoon I set to work to make a moving picture of the Ascension of the Lord. If you head over to my website it is under Free Resources. To make your picture.

✨Print all of the pieces onto white card

✨Cut around the plain white backing piece.

✨Cut the marked strip out of the Blue sky and cut Jesus out and the cloud.

✨Cut a strip of white card a little wider than the gap in the sky, it should be around the same length as the sky piece. This will be your strip to pull Jesus up into the sky

✨Stick together - glue all of the white back board leaving the central channel free of glue, lay the sky on top and stick down firmly.

✨ Roll some card or use foam squares to affix the cloud on the top (you need to create a gap for Jesus to pass through)

✨ Insert your strip of card into the channel, push it down to the bottom. Break a cocktail stick down to about 1cm and then glue to the strip (inside the cutout channel from the sky) add glue to the other side and then affix Jesus.

✨ Allow to dry before using!