An overflowing bowl of Self love and care

Self Care and self love has become extremely important to me over the years. And my faith has been so influential in that. We are called to self love and self care as human beings.

I remember reading a story about Mother at 84 she had been on her feet for 14 hours, she arrived at a chapel looking weary and tired..she went in the chapel and spent an hour in prayer before coming out revitalised and ready to carry on her work! Gods love is a powerful thing!

Spending time in silence and prayer has become a habit which sustains my mentally and physically through the day.

I’ve learnt that through self care and allowing myself that time with the Lord I can be less like a stream constantly giving until a drought dries it up, and more like an overflowing bowl…fulfilled within, yet still overflowing with love and energy to give to everyone else.

Self Care for me is about finding beauty in my motherhood and womanhood controlling my

Anxious behaviours and allowing my life to become fruitful and productive in a positive and calm way.

How do you Weave self love and care into your day?