Hello! I'm Kelly, a seriously crafty mama who believes in spreading smiles, kindness and love every day of my life!

I'm Kelly, formally trained in fashion design, I found my way into the world of Early Childhood after the birth of my first child. Being really unsettled in a day nursery, I moved him to a childminder, seeing the change in him astounded me, the nurturing home based environment gave him the safety and love he needed to flourish. As I worked long hours designing clothes for little ones , I would often drop him off feeling guilty, then one day inspiration struck...why didn't I become a Childminder? I love children, I was patient, it was a natural fit for me! The rest is history as they say and I began childminding shortly after the birth of my second child in 2011.


I dabbled here and there wanting to get back to creative pursuits too, my own drive to create and make wasn't going to go away that easily, but something could never get me away from early childhood, and helping nurture magical moments in the lives of children from all cultures and backgrounds. 

Twelve years later, one divorce, one marriage and a new baby (hey life isn't perfect but it sure has a funny way of working out) I discovered Waldorf Education. The more I read, the more this nourishing gentle approach to educating children resonated with me. Finally it felt like all the pieces of me I was holding in my hands had a place. My love of children, my love of traditional crafts, of taking pride in my home, making the ordinary extraordinary, my own spirituality, my love of gardening, and the life I wanted to carve for my children, came together in a beautiful harmony.

I have found the most amazing inspiration, support and community through Instagram, the words and support of all those who have messaged me have helped me sit and begin this blog, as something more sustaining, a more in depth personal account of my life beyond the squares of social media. A blog which shares my journey through home education and using Waldorf education as inspiration but rooted in my Catholic faith

I would like to thank my husband, his support I could not be without in this journey, my priest Canon Alan Denneny and hope he is enjoying his retirement in Ireland as well as many people long the way... I want to Sally  at The Valley Steiner Parent and child, for those introductory days, and Helen for being the breath of air, of common sense , the epic maker of cups of tea and Helen bread which sustained myself and the little ones Wednesday afternoons

Thank you so much for visiting

Kelly x

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